Lake Braies Elopement Photographer


Lake Braies is waiting for you…

The Dolomites in the Italian Alps are well-known for their stunning landscapes. Lake Braies, nestled in a hidden corner of this captivating region, perfectly embodies the impossible beauty of this natural wonderland.

If you are tempted to make Lake Braies the backdrop for your elopement wedding, there are a few things you should take into consideration to truly make it a dream come true.

As experienced wedding photographers for Lake Braies and other destination wedding locations in the Dolomites, we’re here to share our knowledge and help you create an intimate wedding day with everlasting memories.

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Lake Braies Elopement Photographer
Lake Braies Elopement Photographer


How to find a secluded, intimate spot among the crowds?

Lake Braies Elopement Photographer

1. Early morning hours are best

Avoid the buses full of tourists that come to Lake Braies during the day, especially in the summer. You eloped to Lake Braies to have a relaxed wedding day, so you definitely don’t want an audience of strangers, no matter how beautiful they think you look. An early morning wedding photo session can give you an almost exclusive access to the lake, creating a more intimate and tranquil atmosphere.

The road to Lake Braies is closed for traffic during the day. Lake Braies and its surrounding area are a protected natural park and between May and October, visitors can use designated parking areas a short distance away from the lake. There is limited daytime car access to the lake, but it is usually restricted to those who pre-reserve and pay for parking.

The magical soft morning light of the sunrise can make the surrounding peaks glow in golden hues, adding a beautiful contrast to the emerald green color of the lake. The perfect lighting conditions coupled with the relaxing serenity of the morning will let us capture breathtaking elopement photos that truly capture the essence of your wedding day.

2. Row out onto Lake Braies for a fresh perspective

Traditional wooden rowboats at the lake are a popular choice for couples wanting to add a unique touch to their wedding photography. 

The old wooden boats are available for rental from late spring to mid-autumn. Away from the shore you will be able to fully appreciate the breathtaking scenery of the Dolomite mountains all around you, while the clear waters of the lake mirror the towering Dolomite peaks, adding a touch of an otherworldly setting to your destination wedding photos.

If you’re looking for a rustic backdrop on the shore, you can also rent out the entire boathouse before opening hours in the morning for small wedding ceremonies and photoshoots.

Lake Braies Elopement Photographer


3. Hike to a secluded spot

The picturesque northern shore offers a sense of seclusion and privacy, perfect for an intimate elopement ceremony. While the lake shore itself is already a magical place, the northern part serves some awe-inspiring views that make for a stunning backdrop to your wedding photographs. 

There are walking paths and trails along the shore, so access is relatively easy and straightforward, but we still recommend some comfortable footwear, like sport or hiking shoes. 

A hike around Lake Braies with photoshoots in different locations and an intimate exchange of vows can take approximately 3 to 4 hours. It includes diverse backdrops such as lakeside views, forest trails and scenic overlooks and will also help us capture relaxed, candid moments while you enjoy your walk. 

Comfortable hiking shoes are a must for this option, but you can always change into your wedding shoes when we find the perfect spot for your elopement photos.

4. Visit one of the nearby peaks

If you’re thinking about a full-day elopement adventure, you can start your wedding day with a sunrise photoshoot at Lake Braies. You can follow that up with a visit to one of the nearby peaks. Tre Cime di Lavaredo, Seceda, and Alpe Di Siusi are some of the most iconic peaks in the Dolomites. All are approximately 1 to 1.5-hour away from Lake Braies by car. 

Each of these peaks boasts a unique landscape that can add a touch of the dramatic to the romantic idea of your destination wedding.

Lake Braies Elopement Photographer


If you’re dreaming of truly unforgettable elopement experience in breathtaking nature, Lake Braies is as close to perfect as it gets.

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