Your complete guide to planning your wedding in Dolomites

This guide on how to get married in Dolomites is full of important information that we have gathered in our 10+ years of covering weddings and elopements in the Dolomites and around.

The Dolomites are one of the most breathtaking places in the world, renowned for their stunning landscapes, towering peaks and magical alpine lakes. In 2009 they were recognised as a Unesco World Heritage Site in 2009.

The Dolomites will amaze you with their beauty in any season as you enjoy the views over amazing landscapes and picture-perfect lakes, taste incredible local cuisine and enjoy the fresh air.

How to get to the Dolomites

If you’re flying overseas, you will probably fly to one of the major airports in Europe first: Milan, Munich, Frankfurt, or Venice Marco Polo (VCE) which is also the closest airport to the Dolomites.

Although in Austria, Innsbruck Airport (INN) is a short drive away.

You might also want to check low-fare connections to smaller airports near the Dolomites: also check Treviso (TSF), Verona (VRN), and Bergamo (BGY).

The best way to get from the airport and travel around Dolomites is with a rental car. This way you will be flexible and free to explore the region at your own pace and make traveling from point A to B a pleasant experience – there is nothing quite like driving on these scenic roads.

When to visit the Dolomites?

Spring (May & June)

Winters are longer in Dolomites and snow doesn’t melt away until May (or June in the highlands).

Planning your wedding in May is a good choice, if you plan to visit the lowlands. Most mountain roads and cable cars are closed until June (some even mid-June).

Don’t worry, there are places where you can enjoy beautiful views and, since it’s shoulder season, there is a better chance to enjoy the nature in privacy.

Photo: Lago di Braies in June

how to elope in dolomites


Summer (July & August)

The Dolomites are amazing in the summer, the weather is warm, the wildflowers are blooming…

Which makes it no surprise that this is also the peak season, when everything is open – cable cars, mountain roads and huts.

This also means a lot of people visit this area during these two months. Yes, some areas can get crowded, but this just means you might need to walk a bit further then the rest, to find a private spot for your photos.

One way to avoid the crowds is to plan your activities for sunrise or sunset (or both), whether that is for your ceremony or photo session.

The best way to experience sunrise and sunset in the mountains is to stay in a mountain hut, so you don’t have to hike 4 hours in the dark. Or pick a location that is accesible with a car, like one of the many mountain passes in Dolomites.

If you’re planning to get married in the summer, make sure to book your accommodation at least 6-12 months in advance. Finding rooms or chalets within your budget can be quite a challenge for the main season.

Photo: Cadini di Misurina in July

Fall (September & October)

September might be the best time to visit the Dolomites: the weather is nice and warm, while the crowd of tourists scale down, which makes exploring the hiking trails a more enjoyable experience.

October is still a great option to visit the Dolomites and you’ll love to changing golden and orange tones of the landscape. It also gets more chilly (it could even snow), so make sure to pack a warm jacket.

When you plan your hikes in October, keep an eye on the cable car and mountain roads schedules , as they usually close mid October.

Photo: Seceda in September

Winter (December – April)

Snow, snow, snow!

It’s all about snow and winter sports during these months, so if you are a skiing enthusiast, having a wedding on skis is perfect for you!

On the other hand, if you are not a skier, carefully plan your activities, as some cable cars do not accept passengers on foot.

Seeing those blue alpine lakes among snowy mountains sounds like a dream, but for most of the winter, the lakes are frozen and covered with snow, so you can’t really tell there is a lake at all. Maybe you get lucky to witness that view in April (depends on the temperatures and weather so it’s very hard to predict).

As the rest of the world, December is all about the festivities and visiting the Christmas market can be a cute addition to your photo gallery (if you don’t mind the crowds).

Photo: Frozen Lago di Braies in March

The best locations & places to stay

how to elope in dolomites

Lago di Braies

Lago di Braies is like a dream – crystal clear water in blue and green shades, reflections of the majestic mountain in the background…

Yes, this place should be on your to-visit list, however planning your wedding here might not be the best option.

We’ve had several micro weddings and elopements here, but the first thing you should know, if you need to do it at dawn! The lake gets super crowded after 9 AM, so it feels more like an amusement park then an alpine lake.

If you don’t feel like dragging your guests that early to witness you say “I do”, consider doing a sunrise photo session here and have the ceremony later in the day.

The boathouse on the lake is open during the summer and you can reserve the docks just for yourself (90 minutes either for photos or a symbolic ceremony) before it opens up to public at 9 AM.

During the high season (July 10th – September 10th) the road leading to the lake is closed between 9:30 – 16:30 and can only be used when you book your parking spot online.


Tre Cime and Cadini di Misurina

Reaching these spectacular mountains is mostly easy, as there is a road leading up there(toll to be paid when entering the area – 30 Eur per car) and a big parking place just at the start of both hikes.

Both hikes are easy to moderate (under 1 hour) and while the hike to Tre Cime is mostly flat, the hike to Cadini is a bit uphill and will require some effort. But the views are definitely worth it.

Planning a micro wedding at Tre Cime and Cadini di Misurina is possible, just make sure that all guest are comfortable to hike.

If not, consider doing the ceremony somewhere that is easily accessible and use this amazing backdrop for your photos instead.


And many more…

There is so much to see and experience in the Dolomites, so here is just a short list of locations that you can also enjoy:

Alpe di Siusi
Cinque Torri
Val di Funes
Alta Badia
Val di Fassa
Val Gardena
Valparola Pass…
Paso Giau

What your wedding day could look like:

An early start with a sunrise session

An early start by the lake with a private moment when the groom sees the bride for the first time

A midday moment to say I do

Intimate ceremony with a view, surrounded by your loved-ones, followed by a picnic-style lunch with local cuisine

An afternoon hike + sunset views

Pack your favourite snacks and hike to the top of the mountains for some amazing sunset photos

how to elope in dolomites

Activities to include in your wedding day(s)

Dolomites are not just about hiking. Here are a few ideas you can steal and include to have the most amazing day:

  • have a picnic in the meadow overlooking the mountains;
  • rent a boat (Lago di Braies) and enjoy the lake from another perspective
  • enjoy elevated local cuisine awarded with a Michelin star
  • go road cycling to one of the passes
  • ski or snowboard in world-famous Cortina d’Ampezzo
  • get a helicopter ride to the top of the mountain for sunset views
  • go mountain biking on one of the many trails
  • take a wine tour and enjoy some of the best wines in the world

Which wedding venue should we choose?

There are so many different places in Dolomites where you and your guests could stay.

Below is a list of some of our couples’ favourites:

Anders Suites
Chalet Pia
Chalet Ronn
The Col Pradat hut

Dolomites is a bigger area than you might think, and some places are more than 2 hours of driving apart, so when you search for you accommodation, start your search near your favourite lake or mountain.

how to elope in dolomites
how to get married in dolomites


All about the ceremony

The most common question we get is: “Can we get legally married in the Dolomites.”

The short answer is yes, you non-italians can get married officially. However be prepared to do some work getting all the documents needed, translating them to Italian and then apply for a ceremony in one of the city halls.

Also keep in mind, that you can only pick from a handful of locations outside the city hall, so if you’re dreaming of a intimate ceremony on the mountaintop, that might not be possible.

If you are already feeling stressed while reading this, don’t worry – more and more couples these days decide to do a symbolic ceremony instead. This gives them the opportunity to have a personal and tailored ceremony, written just for them (which can include all sorts of stories, anecdotes, and traditions…) and the ability to have the ceremony pretty much anywhere. Including the mountains!

The legal stuff? They just sign the paperwork back at home and that’s it!

Plan your wedding with local vendors

If you’re wondering how to elope in Dolomites, we are here to share our knowledge and experience to create a magical day for you!

  • We can help you pick the perfect locations based on you preferences
  • We can advise you where to go and when, which areas are less crowded;
  • We will always have a backup plan in case we need to change things last minute;
  • As locals we do not need to fly in or travel, which means lower cost for you and lower impact on the planet;
  • Our team of seasoned wedding vendors will make sure everything is perfect for your wedding day.


Your day. Your adventure!

Reach out and let’s plan your perfect day in the Dolomites!