Elopement ceremony ideas

You have decided you want to elope, but how does an elopement ceremony even look like? Well below you can find some elopement ceremony ideas, that will help you create a bespoke wedding ceremony that fits you.

How does an elopement ceremony look like?

One of the things we love about elopements is that they can be customised to the couples needs. If you’re eloping, you are not tied to any cultural traditions or rituals that you don’t feel like doing.

This means, you have the freedom to create a ceremony that is personal, reflects who you are as a couple and you can include things that feel right for you.

Obviously you can still include elements of a traditional ceremony, like the ring exchange, but you have the possibility to do it just the way you like it.

If you are ready for some out-of-the-box rituals, but don’t have any idea what those could be, here is a list that might inspire you:

elopement ceremony ideas to consider
elopemen ceremony ideas

1. Ring exchange

Let’s start with the traditional ring exchange. Most of the couple do include this in the ceremony, since they like the idea of wearing rings to show their commitment.

If you’re looking for something “extra” here is an idea: Instead of engraving names or dates to the rings, engrave each-others fingerprints. Or favourite quote.

Another idea is to surprise each other by designing a very personal ring for one another and revealing them at the ceremony for the first time.

2. Unity ceremony

The idea behind a unity ceremony is to combine two parts of something and join it together to create something new.

You can do a sand pouring, by pouring together sand of two different colours, or each of you getting some sand from where you grew up as a kid.

The same can be done with lightning candles, pouring wine to one glass (a mix of white and red wine by your choice), or doing a canvas painting, each with it’s own favourite colour.

elopement ceremony ideas


3. Tie the knot

Tying the knot, also known as handfasting is an old Celtic wedding tradition, that symbolises two souls binding together.

For tying the know, you’ll need a third person to do it for you. That could be your celebrant (if you have one), but if it’s just going to be the two of you, you can ask your photographer to do it for you.

Some couples like to elope, but also include parents or best friends (or both) to come and travel with them. If you’re bringing people with you, you can ask them to help you tie the knot.

4. Plant a tree (or a plant)

Planting a tree is a great idea, especially if you care about environment and would like to make that a part of your wedding day.

Planting a tree in the ground might be difficult, especially if you are eloping in a natural part or resort, a nice alternative is to plan a tiny tree (or a flower, plant) in a pot, which can be re-planted later on, while it grows.

Imagine the tree (or plant) in 10 years, in your garden, growing bigger and bigger each year, while always reminding you of your beautiful elopement.


5. Anniversary capsule

This idea is great, as it’s not just a ceremony element, you will enjoy this years after, once you open it again, whether that is for your first or tenth anniversary.

You’ll need a nice box, where you can place handwritten notes to each other, a bottle of wine or any other sentimental items.

You can also get an instant camera, take some candid photos during the ceremony and put them in the box.

6. Notes and cards from loves ones

If you’re flying overseas and can’t bring your immediate family or best friends with you, but still want to somehow include them in the wedding, this is a great idea:

Ask the people closes to you, to write you a card or a note, that you will read during your ceremony. This ia great way to include people you love the most, even if they can’t be there in person.

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elopement ceremony ideas


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