elopement ceremony ideas


What does an elopement ceremony look like?

You’ve decided to elope, but now you wonder: “How does our ceremony look like?” In this guide, we’ll present some elopement ceremony ideas for you.

The best thing about elopements is that you can plan your day however you like – including your ceremony, as long as you’re doing a symbolic one.

An elopement ceremony can look like anything you want it to. You can take some elements of a traditional wedding and include that in your ceremony, or make it very personal and do only things that are meaningful to you.

The only recipe here is to make it your own.

elopement ceremony ideas

Ring exchange

Not really a new idea, however exchanging the rings is a great way to add something traditional to your elopement. The circular shape of the rings symbolises true love that has no beginning and no end.

Instead of engraving each others names or dates to the rings, why not engrave each other finger prints on the inside of the ring.

Or even better, surprise each other with a custom designed ring, that you could get with your local jewler or order one on Etsy.


Personal vows

This is the perfect opportunity if you want to avoid the traditional “I take you…” vows and write something on your own. You can write something romantic and intimate, include a funny story to make your spouse laugh out loud or even put your rhyming abilities to work and write a poem or a song.

If you’re not really good at writing about your feelings, don’t worry. You can find a lot of vow templates and examples online, which can make it a bit easier for you to start.

If you’re going to spent all that time to writing the perfect words to read to each other, don’t just read them of your phones. Get a beautiful piece of paper, or a little custom notebook to keep your vows as a nice memento of your wedding day.

Love music and singing? Write a song and sing it as a surprise during the ceremony!

elopement ceremony ideas

Unity ceremony

The idea behind the unity is to take two pieces of an item, and then combine it to a third, singular piece.

It can be very simple: lighting a third candle with two separate ones, adding two different colours of sand into a vase, perhaps even pouring two different types of wine into one bottle.

If you’re an art lover, why not get a canvas and two different colours and create your own painting, each using your own brush and your colour. You’ll have this beautiful symbol of unity at the ceremony, but also a beautiful and meaningful piece of art to hand in your home.


Read notes from loved ones

You have decided to make it just the two of you and have a stress-free day, but maybe you’d still like to include the people you love the most?

Ask them to write you a little card or a letter that you will read during the ceremony. They could also send a video message or you can arrange a group video call with all your loved ones just after the ceremony.

elopement ceremony ideas
elopement ceremony ideas

Handfasting or “Tie the knot”

Tying the know or handfasting is an old wedding tradition that symbolises the binding of two souls together. Origi

Usually an officiant or whoever is running the ceremony does the tying, but if it’s going to be just the two of you and a photographer, there are certain ways you can do it yourselves,

If you’re bringing your closest people with you (parents, kids, best friends), they can be involved in this ceremony too. This way they will not only be present, but a part of your elopement and they’ll feel like they are joining you two together.


Build a cairn (stone tower)

Cairns have been used as markers and memorials for centuries. In some places in the Dolomites you will see a lot of hikers make their own little cairn when they reach to the summit, or build one along the way. Why not grab a few stones on the way and make your own during or after the ceremony.

In some areas, people also use stones to create a “natural graffitti” – stacking them to create their initials or the shape of a heart.

elopement ceremony ideas

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