dolomites wedding venues


Best places to get married in the Dolomites

Welcome to the Dolomites!

One of the most magical places on earth welcomes you with their stunning landscapes, picturesque alpine lakes, mesmerising peaks…

The Dolomites are perfect for your adventurous wedding, whether you prefer skiing on white slopes or a magical summer sunset in the mountains.

Dolomites is quite a big area and so diverse, it might be really hard to pick your wedding venue. In this guide, we will go through some of the most loved places in the Dolomites and share the essentials for planning a wedding here.

dolomites wedding venues

A few things before you start…

Choosing the right venue for you is not as straight-forward decision as you might think.

In theory you could just take a look at some of the photos and pick the place you like best, but there are a lot of factor to consider before you even start searching for your venue:

  • How easy is it to get to the venue? Is it accesbile with a car, a bus (when you plan a larger wedding)?
  • Will all guests be staying at the same place? Is there extra accommodation available nearby for other guests?
  • Are we getting married in a church or town hall? Do we need the venue to be nearby?
  • Does the venue have an indoor space in case it rains?
  • Is there a restaurant on site? Does the venue provide catering?

We are eloping…

Eloping or having a micro wedding gives you the opportunity to plan things more freely, as you are not tied to booking a wedding venue.

Just finding a relaxing place to stay, picking a beautiful spot for your symbolic ceremony and making dinner reservations in a nice restaurant will make your wedding day special.

So, if you’re eloping or bringing just a handful of people with you, searching for your venue will be a bit different.

Obviously you can still take a look at the same places, that can host bigger weddings, but why not also check out some of the private chalets and designer boutique hotels, and make it a totally unique experience?

dolomites wedding venues

Best wedding venues in Dolomites


Didn’t find what you had in mind?

These were just a handful of wedding venues ready to welcome you for your wedding in Dolomites.

If you haven’t quite found what you were looking for, reach out and send us more details about your wishes and ideas.

There are some amazing boutique hotels or privately owned chalets that don’t advertise weddings, but would be happy to host your wedding and we can help you find them.


What’s next?

Once you set your heart on the venue (or at least you have it narrowed down to a few) it’s time to figure out the date and book the venue.

Some wedding venues are very popular, not just for weddings but other events too, so they might booked solid for 18 months in advance. So make sure you don’t hesitate and send that inquiry now.

After you got your wedding venues set, you can start planning other important things like number of guests, food and of course the photographer.

Book a photographer that you love!

Most people will tell you that photos are the only thing that’s left after the wedding day (well you’ll have your rings too). And it’s true.

Photos are not there just so you can remember how you looked like in 20 years from now, they are there to remember you how you felt. The joy, the tears, the laughter, how much fun you had…

If you feel connected with our relaxed and natural style and the stories we tell, don’t hesitate to reach out and see how we can help you capture your wedding day.


Your day. Your adventure!

Reach out and let’s plan your perfect adventure in the Dolomites!